What Makes a Good Essay

       An essay is a short literary composition on a single subject. A well written essay is composed of a few key aspects. Understanding is the primary aspect, followed by focus, organization, and support. As an author, understanding the subject of which you’re writing about is a key aspect. An essay is going to be unappealing to the reader if the author doesn’t fully understand the subject. Adding detail to your essay will help the reader create a virtual image inside ones mind about what the author is trying to portray. Enthusiasm is contagious. If the author is enthusiastic about the subject he/she is writing about the reader will most likely also be enthusiastic about reading your piece. Next, focus is also a big deal in a well written essay. The focus is the main argument that the author is trying to prove. If the author heads astray from the focus, the read will as well. That’s why it is a good idea to stay on the focus. It’s like the universal question “Why did Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall?” That answer is because he kept his eye off the ball. You keep your eye on the ball, you stay on the wall. Organization in writing means to order your supporting arguments for the thesis you should have mentioned in the introduction paragraph. Organization is the key to keep the reader interested, because if the organization of topics is all wrong, the reader should have to ask their self, "Why am I reading this?" My Advice to the author’s of essays is that, stat your arguments in a series of progressions, in order for the reader to successfully follow your ideas. As for support, it is not enough to state opinions. Refer to readings and information to support your points. These three key elements of writing an essay, if performed correctly, lead to a well written essay. Remember, without a focus, the essay is pointless. Support and organization keeps your audience interested in what idea your have to portray.

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