The Qualities of good teachers

      Teachers possess many important qualities, both innate and learned. First, it is important for teachers to be a master in all academic areas. Second, teachers must be able to transfer the material to the students effectively. This includes being able to speak and explain material clearly; being able to incorporate many learning strategies, and using effective learning probes that challenge student thinking. These characteristics also require an effective teacher to be creative. Creativity helps to present lessons in interesting ways and also allows a teacher to see the lesson from all aspects so that s/he can reach all students. Away from the instructional side of teaching, teachers should be understanding of all students. This includes getting to know students individually, their strengths, weaknesses, and interests. By doing this, teachers can have more of a personal relationship with students which creates a relaxed, less intimidating atmosphere for learning. I also feel it is necessary for teachers to be respectful and honest. Teachers should be respectful of their students and their coworkers. When not respected, some students will stop trying to achieve in school. It is important to respect coworkers because teachers are role models of society. Students will look to them as examples of how to interact with others in the real world. I feel that respect and understanding go hand in hand when getting along with others. Teachers should also be enthusiastic about learning and confident about the material and presentations. This creates a positive feeling in the classroom and gives personal worth to the material, so students feel there is a reason for them to learn.

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