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Friendship word small in size large in its significance and meaning and content, is the most beautiful thing in the world is also related to humanitarian sublime, an expression of human connection and splendor of the great masterpieces of integration and interdependence between human beings is also the essence of the human and certified. It’s a strong psychological association between two people, is a commercial transaction between two parties are sympathetic, and have Arbunha love, cooperation, sincerity and mutual trust between the parties.
Friendship is priceless and measured at any scale, and weighed Bay bushels to be larger than all these things, that one can not live alone and in isolation from the others, but needs the help of a friend to stand by his side, evil forms of poverty poverty friend and human slow when choosing a friend but also the mind sense and logic and accurate understanding.

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I used to be very shy. I would not go up to someone that I did not know and say hello. I was afraid that people would not want to talk to me.

I have changed. I have become less shy.
I have learned that making friends is easy to do.

All you have to do is say hello. Most people will respond to a smile and a friendly hello. People will begin to talk to you about little things in their lives. You will soon realize that you have something in common with that person. Whenever I start talking to a new person I find that there is some interest that we share. Maybe we know some of the same people, or we went to the same school. Often we find that we like the same music or the same movies. It is easy to have a conversation with someone once you find a topic that you both can relate to.

The most important part to making friends is to listen to what the other person says. If you take an interest in them, they are sure to take an interest in you. I have learned many things from meeting people. I have had many fascinating conversations, and I have made a lot of good friends.

One day a boy came up to me and said that he was lost. He couldn’t find his way to her English class. I said that I was going to that class too. I told him to come with me. We began talking, and we became very good friends. That was a few years ago. He is still one of my best friends. Just think, if he hadn’t been lost we might never have become friends.

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