Internet advantages and disadvantages

Uses of Internet | Top 9 Uses of Internet along with Applications

مقال قصير عن مزايا ومساوئ الإنترنت

short essay about internet advantages and disadvantages

Internet is considered as the greatest breakthrough of the century. The speed of communication and data transfer after internet has entered into our lives is really fast. Internet is a very useful medium for current updates and all kind of information are nowadays surfed through the internet.  E-commerce is a chance for many companies to reach customers through physical places and also internet. While the advantages with the internet are many; the disadvantages are countless. A malware that invades the internet is capable of attacking your system anytime. Getting addict to the internet spoils youngsters and their career too. Internet should be used with a purpose. Using it unnecessarily to kill time makes people addict to it finally. Social networking is one such disadvantage of internet.

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