Common Expressions with the word “head”

It’s time for some more idioms and I’d like to dedicate this post to some common expressions we use with the word “head”. They are, in fact, idioms that are used very often in both spoken and written English.

I. I always keep my head.
💢Meaning: I never lose control of my emotions.

تعني: لا أفقد السيطرة في التحكم بمشاعري

  1. It never entered my head.
    💢Meaning: I never even thought about it. لم تطرأ على بالي
  2. I brought matters to a head.
    💢Meaning: I made sure something had to be decided. أكدت على إتخاذ قرار.
  3. My head is in the clouds.
    💢Meaning: I’m not a practically minded person. أنا لست بشخص ذو تفكير علمي
  4. I can’t make head nor tail of this.
    💢Meaning: I don’t understand it at all. لم أفهمها كلياً
  5. I’m in way over my head.
    💢Meaning: I’m involved so far that it’s out of my control. أنا متورط كلياً في الأمر.
  6. I could do it standing on my head.
    💢Meaning: I find it really easy. أجده سهل للغاية
  7. The fame has completely gone to my head.
    💢Meaning: I’ve let my feelings get out of control. تركت مشاعري تخرج عن السيطرة
  8. He’s off his head.
    💢Meaning: He’s gone mad or he is completely drunk (depending on the context) هو غاضب أو بغير وعيه تعتمد على سياق الحديث أو الحدث
  9. She likes to keep her head down.
    💢Meaning: She avoids attracting attention. تتجنب جذب الإنتباه
  10. They’re still scratching their heads over the results.
    💢Meaning: They’re finding it hard to understand the results. يجدونه من الصعب فهم النتيجة
  11. That joke just went over my head.
    💢Meaning: I didn’t understand the joke. لم أفهم النكته

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