Description of my house تعبير وصف منزل


In my house I have four rooms, one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom and one hall. My room is next to the living room, in my room I have a desk near the window, I have two beds, I have my computer on the desk, my closet is next to the desk and in the desk… متابعة قراءة Description of my house تعبير وصف منزل

الصداقة Friendship

تعبير عن الصداقة an essay about Friendship Friendship word small in size large in its significance and meaning and content, is the most beautiful thing in the world is also related to humanitarian sublime, an expression of human connection and splendor of the great masterpieces of integration and interdependence between human beings is also the… متابعة قراءة الصداقة Friendship