Essay speaking English تعبير التحدث بالانجليزية

Why I can’t speak in English? : لماذا لا استطيع التحدث باللغة الإنجليزية

I’m a bit shy when I have to speak in English. I’m a little worried about making mistakes. I also still lack confidence. Many of my friends don’t worry about mistakes. They just talk and talk. They always get their message across, even if their grammar is wrong. I think this is the best thing to do. My teacher always says it’s best to learn by doing. If I don’t try to speak English, I’ll never be able to use it when I need it. One thing I started doing recently was talking to myself. I have short conversations with myself. I think it works. I also make short stories about people and say them aloud. I do this in my room, of course. People would think I’m crazy if I did it in class or on the train.

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