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وصف غرفتي – Describing my bedroom

Describing my bedroom 


In my bedroom there is a study table. On this table there are lots of reading books. There is a radio and a CD too! There is a nice wall clock and a fitted mirror in the wardrobe.

The bedroom is not very big however there are two beds. One is for my younger brother and the other is for me.

In my bedroom there is a lot of Islamic calligraphies on the wall. There is a nice peacock’s wing hanging on the wall. It looks very beautiful when the sun shines into my bedroom through the window.

Hanging on the wall there is some medals that my brother won for playing football. 

وصف غرفتي 

يوجد في غرفتي طاولة للدراسة. على هذه الطاولة توجد العديد من الكتب للقراءة. كما يوجد عليها ومشغل أقراص أيضاً. كما توجد ساعة حائطيه جميلة ومرآه على الخزانة. 

الغرفة ليست كبيره مع أنه يوجد بها سريرين. أحدها لأخي الصغير والآخر لي. يوجد في غرفتي العديد من المخطوطات الإسلامية على الحائط. وجناح جميل لطائر الطاوس معلق على الحائط. يبدو جميلاً عندما تشرق الشمس من النافذة. هناك بعض الميداليات معلقه على الحائط فاز بها أخي من خلال لعبة كرة القدم. 

معلمة رياض أطفال Kindergarten Teacher

ماذا أريد أن أصبح في المستقبل What I want to be in the future

Kindergarten Teacher

       In the future I want to be a teacher in kindergarten. When teaching kindergarteners everything you teach them is new. It's really fun to teach children about things they've never thought of before. I make a huge difference in the lives of my kindergarteners. I try to give them experiences that will have a lasting impact on their lives. Kindergarteners say really funny things. Sometimes they do it on purpose, but most of the time they don't. Even if they don't say something funny, sometimes they just do something funny. Students between the ages of four and six are really eager to please their teachers.


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