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the difference between ‘accept’, ‘except’ and ‘expect’ الفرق بين

What’s the difference between ‘accept‘, ‘except‘ and ‘expect‘?

Read on to find out these important differences.

👉To ‘accept‘ (يقبل) something can mean to take or receive it.

تعني قبول أو أخذ شيء
“I accept this flower.”

قبلت هذه الورده.

“They accepted the feedback from the company.”

👉It can also mean to agree (يوافق) .
“I accept that you are right.”

أنا أوافق أنك على حق

“My teacher accepts that English can be challenging to learn but he told me not to give up.”

👉’Except’ (ماعدا) can be used when you’re talking about excluding something.

تستخدم عندما تستثني شيء
“I like everything about the house except the kitchen.”

اعجبني كل شيء في المنزل ماعدا المطبخ

“Everything’s great about the project plan except for the last phase.”

😉Don’t confuse ‘except‘ with ‘expect‘ though. The two words are spelt differently and have completely different meanings.
👉To ‘expect‘ (يتوقع) can mean to believe that something is going to happen.

توقع أن شيء سيحدث
“I expect all of you to pass your English test next week.”

اتوقع انكم جميعاً ستجتازوا اختبار الإنجليزي الأسبوع القادم.

👉It can also mean to think that someone will be somewhere.

قد تعني أن شخص أو شيء في مكان ما
“I was expecting him to be at the gym today.”

توقعت أنه سيكون في النادي اليوم.

piece of cake (Idiom) – سهل جداً (مصطلح)

مصطلح يعني القيام أو العمل بشيء سهل جداً أو سهل للغايه.

something that is very easy to do.

▶️ The exam was a piece of cake.

▶️ ‘How do you do that?’ ‘It’s a piece of cake! Watch!’

▶️ Creating graphs is a piece of cake on the computer.

▶️ traveling around the world is a piece of cake for “mamaLLicaa”

▶️ it is a piece of cake for me to teach English

▶️ it is a piece of cake for the goverment of iran to fight poverty

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